Café Fresca – Licensed Garden Café & Bar

Cafe Fresca started in Nov 2008 by Stu & Shona and we have enjoyed being part of the community, employing a large number of staff, being part of their growth and development and that our our loyal customers whom have stuck by us. We are and will always be forever grateful for this ongoing experience.

So pop in and join us on Alison Street, right around the corner from Z Service Station for a range of delicious foods, great atmosphere and excellent service. Heaps of free parking!

Open 8.30 to 2pm Monday & Tuesday

Open 8.30am to 3pm Wednesday to Sunday

To all our valued and supportive customers. On Friday 3rd December, we wake up in the Covid Framework Orange Level.
We have been advised this means that no hospitality business can operate with customers on their premises without staff sighting a valid My Vaccine Pass unless you are under 12 years old.
If we don’t use the Vaccine Pass, we can only do contactless click and collect.
We will be using the Vaccine Pass System for all over the age of 12 years old, so we can stay open without restrictions.
I totally understand some will not understand our decision or have other views which I respect. I have no choice for now but to do what’s best for our awesome supportive team, security of their jobs, the survival of our family business and for the majority of our valued customers.
We look forward to a time when we will all be together again without restrictions.
Please look after each other, be kind and stay safe.
Stu @ Café Fresca


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